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Passive Income Ideas

1. Stock Market

There are two types of investments in the Pakistan stock market. One is short term investment and the other is long term investment.
In short term investment, you need to sell shares everyday when you think that the market is going up. These type of investors are day traders.
Long term investment, on the other hand, means that you keep the stocks long enough to sell it at the highest price. This type of investment is best for people who are busy and have less money.

2. Bonds

Bonds are fixed income instruments which governments use to raise money by borrowing from investors. There are three different types of bonds, which are mentioned below

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are used by the company to raise capital for research, expansion and development.

Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are issued by towns and cities Unlike corporate bonds, the interests from municipal bonds is completely tax-free.

Treasury Bonds:

Treasury Bonds are generally issued by the government. These are the best bonds in which you can invest.

3. Taxi business:

To run a successful taxi business in Pakistan, you need huge investment. There are several taxi companies which you can contact and invest your shares in them. However, you can also affiliate with a taxi business and invest money in their business. If you do it with a reliable company, you can earn huge profits.

4. Real Estate Investment:

Investing in real estate is an effective way to generate passive income. However, it isn’t as easy as you think. There are several ways to invest in real estate. You can buy single family homes, farmlands and other larger developments.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

In affiliate marketing, three different parties are involved, which are product advertisers, the affiliate and the consumer. The affiliate marketers get paid in several ways, like pay per scale, pay per lead, pay per click. It is one of the best ways to generate passive income.

6. Advertising on Property:

You can also earn money by advertising on property. Some popular methods of advertising on property include, creating a blog, creating an attractive social media post, creating a website, creating a market tour, listing on newspaper, listing on property website, using Facebook ads and advertising on seminars.

7. Goat farming:

A goat farming business becomes highly successful if it is done in the right way. To start a goat farming business, firstly, you need to select the farm location. After that, you need to choose the feed, breeding and caring space for the goats. However, you need to do proper breeding of the goats and take special care of them.

8. Rent and Sell a Business:

Renting and selling a business is quite an effective business strategy. You can rent a certain business. On the other hand, you can also sell your own business. Renting and selling a business is an effective way to generate passive income in Pakistan, so you should adopt it.

9. Vending Machine Business:

In order to start a vending machine business, firstly, you need to do your homework regarding the business. After that, you need to find the proper locations and sign contracts. You need to get the right products provide good maintenance to maximize the profits.

10. Selling Used Items:

Selling used items is another great investment plan. Simply sort out the used items in your house which you don’t need and you can sell them online.

11. Book:

Writing a book is another effective way of starting your own business. To start a book business, you need to write the best books. After that, you need to publish them. Now, when there is more demand of the books, more publishers will buy the books.

12. Bike Rental:

A Bike Rental business is another effective business to start in Pakistan. To start a bikes business, you need to buy a lot of bikes and then simply give them on rent.

13. Construction Business:

Investing in a construction business is another way to generate passive income. All you have to do is to find a good construction company and partner with them.


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